Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There were we have one...

It was a sad day in our house last week (Actually, I guess it depends on who you ask)...We had our first pet guinea pig, Jackson, die on us. Thankfully there's most often a physical heads up when it comes to pets passing on, so the boys were aware that he wasn't doing well. Nolan had the hardest time with it shedding quite a few tears and petting him. Ethan was sad and just looked at him. So, it was a good time to talk about death, etc. (keeping it very simple) I think they're at a good age to experience and to begin to process how final death is.
A burial and short service was performed in the back yard a few days following. He was a good guinea...So...Thomas seems to be enjoying having his 'home' all to himself. AND I'm thinking he's a little friendlier as well (which confirms my thinking that by having two they're less interested in human interaction). Josh is happier, too...thinking there's only one more to go. I think he secretly likes Thomas, though :)

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