Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Why is a woman's hair so important? On a good hair day...I can feel more confident, prettier, energetic and kinder. On a bad hair day (oh boy)...I feel less confident, use less eye contact, can be more selfish and have less energy. I've been in a funk with my hair for a few months now and it just hasn't been 'pretty'. Sure wish I had been blessed with a full head of long flowing brunette wavy locks...I'm WAY on the other side. It's been a hard road, but I just look best with short hair! That's it. Googled local salons yesterday, emailed one place voicing my frustration and asked if they had an expert who had a knack in giving clients that "AHA moment" when they looked in the mirror afterward. Isn't that what we all want? To sit in the salon chair and swivel around to see a new and improved version of ourselves? Well...this place offered free consultations and each stylist had their qualifications/certifications all spelled out, so I hand picked a man named Leonard. He had a cancellation later that morning and I ran with it...Leonard sat with me and combed through my hair talking about the right look for my face, my eyes and type of hair. I asked when he could work his magic. He was hesitant to say he was available now (he wanted me to go home and think about what we talked about, so I'd have no regrets I'm sure), but offered none the less. Long story short, he cut my hair beautifully. He even instructed me on how to add some highlights to my Sally-store-bought-color-in-a box treatment. Loved the spontaneity of doing it, his objective professional opinion and leaving feeling sassy with my new do. Then it hit am I gonna break it off with my other stylist? She's gonna take it so personally. I wish I didn't care so much, but just what is the RIGHT way to end your professional/personal relationship with your hair stylist? Afterall, you do share some history in those back and forth conversations over hair clipping. I feel like I'm breaking some sort of oath...ugh...I do LOVE my new do and I'm still switchin to Leonard.

*there is some exaggeration in this post*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1st Tooth

My first baby boy lost his first baby tooth tonight! He's growing up so fast...He must have hit it just right with his toothbrush cause out it came. He was a little shell shocked at first and then he got excited after seeing my reaction. Grabbed the camera, took a couple quick photos and then shared the news with Dad. Then the gazillion questions followed..."where are the roots?", "when will the others come out?", "how did they get put there?", "could I have more than one tooth lose at one time?", "what does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth?", "will I need braces?" and on and on it went.
Oh to be a kid again and experience something new with your changing ask endless questions and to trust in the answers. It's in these moments, I treasure being Mom.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

40 Years of Marriage

My parents just celebrated 40 years of marriage on the 15th! This is soooo HUGE especially in the culture we live in. I'm so proud and so blessed to have witnessed a good chunk of their story unfold...Their story begins as highschool sweethearts who married just before turning 19. They had a very simple ceremony with close family and friends. A reception followed at my Grandmother's house where cake and punch was served. Shortly after they took off for their honeymoon...a one nighter in St. Louis. Humble beginnings to say the least and many would say the odds were against them.
The lasy 40 years has brought many good times, but there was also a time when they both wanted to throw in the towel...Accepting what they needed to change about themselves, they slowly began to tear down the wall that seperated them. Today, they're closer than ever and are the better for mustering up the courage and strength needed to restore a love almost lost. My life and marriage are blessed because of their devotion...Love you Mom & Dad! Happy 40th Anniversary!