Sunday, April 5, 2009

2am Scare

Hughson house
Parent's bedroom
2:00 am
Mom, Dad and 4 year old son

All is quiet and family is in a DEEP slumber...Enter 4 year old son...running into parent's bedroom crying. (Picture all of what you're about to read happening in half a milli-second)... Dad jerks upright, Mom is startled hearing running footsteps, and crying. Half out of it, she believes there's someone else coming after her son. She cowers into her husband believing her head may be in danger and screams twice while her husband summons their son towards him (why would he come closer, with Mom screaming in terror??) at the same time he 'protects' her from the 'intruder' by getting on top of her. He says in her ear "it's ok, it's ok". She snaps out of her moment of terror realizing her 4 year old was just a... bad... dream.

Oh, for the love of Pete! This is not the first time I've been scared out of a slumber because of Nolan having a bad dream, but this takes the cake. In the past, he's tiptoed into our room and stood at the side of the bed, my side of course, and I awake to the sound of 'someone' breathing heavy in my ear. Heart rate hits the fan! I'm appreciating Ethan's preferred way of seeking solace during bad dreams...he stays in bed, pulling up the covers over his face, and calls for us in an ascending manner...therefore allowing me to gently awaken and console him without a racing heart.

Oh, how different our kids can be!

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