Monday, May 11, 2009


Hard to believe my firstborn son is 7 today! Happy Birthday Ethan! He's been counting the days for a month I think...he decided to choose a lego theme for his party this year, so we sent out 6 invites to classmates. Saturday was the big party and we had 5 boys and one girl come to celebrate ringing in Ethan's 7th year. The kids started the party off with a lego hunt searching for duplo size legos hidden all around the yard. Next, everyone received a baggy with the same number of lego car parts to assemble a race car. Soon to follow was a lego car derby race to see whose car was the fastest. Josh engineered a wooden race track and ran the heats till we crowned a champion. The last game was a lego toss (much like Bozo's Grand Prize Game - loved that show!). What's a party without ice cream cake with chocolate chip cookie dough, no less :) Favorite gifts were his Agents Lego set and a square Bakugan.
It was a great day!

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