Thursday, September 11, 2008

ABC's and 123's

Nolan started Pre-school last week...He was soooo excited! He skipped on the way in wearing his back pack and smile...The room is just too cute, with shapes, colors, a calendar and a weather chart on the walls. It's so bright and cheery...Got me thinkin that K-5 should be like preschool...learning through play. Sing some songs, get messy, ride big wheels, have a snack, swing, and play some games. What more does a kid need in a day?
His class is small (which I love) only 10 kids. A little dominant on the girls, but he's already made a friend named Jack. So, I'm enjoying my two hours of quiet at home three days a week and look forward to his hugs when I pick him up. He's a true delight!

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