Friday, September 12, 2008

One love, ten years...

I woke up this morning with lots of emotions, unexpected feelings of deep gratefulness and pride...Ten years ago today I married my best friend, THE ONE and only for me...Earlier this week I made it my goal to sit down and think of 100 things I love about my man. It was great to recall some forgotten little moments and to see in black n' white the long list of great attributes Josh possess. Here's my top ten highlights:

...the thought and planning he put into proposing to me
...that he sacrificed possessions, time, energy and his own wants to pursue and fully support my dream of being a potter
...that he can pick out a gift for me without knowing it was something I had wanted and yet never verbalized to him
...that he'll cry with me
...that he wrote me a love note every day after our wedding till the end of that year
...that when he gets me flowers, he goes above and beyond by going to my favorite gift shop to pick out the perfect container to take to the florist to then have filled
...when he picks out a book for me to read
...that he's such a man who will shop for fabric with me
...that he rarely let's my water glass sit empty
...that his faith is united with mine and ALL that that means...

To sum it up...He fulfills me in EVERY way...I am big time blessed!

Happy Anniversary, Josh!

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