Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We're going on our 2nd week of no tv...Nolan's missed his morning cartoons, I my morning Today/Regis & Kelly shows and Ethan says "I don't like tv" and hasn't missed it one bit. We've spent more time playing games, putting together puzzles, reading, writing, watching episodes of Nature on PBS.org, and doing math. So, I shouldn't find it so surprising that we're connecting so much more these days, which actually makes for an easier time for me in being a 'single Mom'. I've realized what a crutch tv can be...the number of times bedtime is rushed just so I can watch my show, mentally pulling away and feeling like my boys are interrupting me. A few highlights of this last week...

Nolan offered me one of his precious teddy bears to sleep with and even went so far as to let me pick which one I wanted. Love that!

Ethan filled out his Valentines for his classmates and came up with writing 'I love you' on almost all of them. A little peek at his big heart...

Ethan spells out words often, so instead of asking for a snack he asks "can I have a s..n..a..c..k?" Since this has been happening more and more over a course of a few weeks, Nolan is now asking "can I have a s...c...o...k?" He 'spells' out words all the time too (just not quite as successful)...So darn cute :) It's important to keep up with big brother, ya know.

Ethan, Nolan and I are sitting in Baskin Robbins eating our ice cream when Ethan recognizes that we're the only ones in the place. Soon a man walks in and Ethan says "now there's 4 of us"...Nolan tries to debate him and says with a smile on his face as if to say 'I'm smart'..."there's 2 groups of us and 4 people". Ethan and I looked at each other with the exact same expression of 'Wow!'. He's so smart :)

Last night Ethan discovered his first tooth poking through. A new and exciting change in him! He was FULL of questions! "Will it hurt when it comes out?" "When will my tooth start to wiggle?" "Can I stay awake to see the tooth fairy?" "I wonder how much $$ I'll get?"

So, with the tv only offering us 'snow' to watch, maybe I'm better able to tune into what's really important and recognize how blessed I really am...Life is good!

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