Sunday, October 22, 2017


2 years
Sounds like a long time but still feels so fresh.  The anticipation of her birthday seems to be the most difficult.  What surprised me this year, was how full my heart felt after opening box after box that arrived on our door steps week after week.  Vivian's story touched many and choosing to pass along her love to future families devastated by baby loss is healing.  We still have items coming in, but the final count delivered to our local hospital was: 41 bears & bunnies, 35 books for Moms & Dads.  It was such an honor to deliver love sent from so many of our family & friends!  An idea for a journal (pictured above) came to me as I was shopping for items to make her cake... when we travel we stay at VRBO or Airbnb sites and they often have a journal you can write a note to your hosts.  It occurred to me how meaningful it would be to have a journal families could write their baby's name in and maybe a note to honor the love they have.  I believe it came from Vivian :)  

 October 21st @ 1:38pm
It was dark when I let our dog out yesterday morning and as soon as I opened the door there must have been 8-10 bunnies in our back yard. The motion light lit up their white tails as they scurried away.  I've never seen so many at once.  I took it as Vivian saying "I'm here".  
We celebrated with close family & friends.  I put my amateur cake making skills in action.  I delighted in making my boys' cakes up until it wasn't cool anymore.  We lit up our front yard with 138 pink luminaries.  It was Ethan's idea to spell out her name this year.  There's definitely something spiritual about seeing her name illuminated in the darkness.   

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Christie Everett said...

Tiffani, you are a precious soul. You are not only a great communicator but a brave and courageous mom. They are few and far between. Christie, xo