Sunday, October 29, 2017


Headed to Hyden, KY for a second time... what a whirlwind of thoughts.  On my drive, I listened to recorded instructional videos, belted out in unison with Lauren Daigle, and peeked at study notes.  Yeah, you wish you could've been my co-pilot ;)   How perfect it was to drive through a mix of sunshine, rain, and cold.  How very different I thought my path would've been 2 years ago.  Where else in the country can you attend a grad school in the mountains?  The pictures don't do it justice, but the fall colors were amazing!  On the drive here I shook off my fears of not passing my assessment check offs and leaned into being in the moment, relishing in this journey that I'm on.  I won't fail and I trust that great things are coming.  I believe Vivian was taken to derail me from this path.  Instead... I'm leaning in.  Bring on this last leg of my midwifery training! 

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