Sunday, January 28, 2018

Week 12

Gaining independence.  Sutured an entire 2nd degree perineal laceration with a little coaching from my Preceptor.  Caught Baby #6!  There is heartache amidst the joy at every birth (#Vivian).  My husband is my rock.  I didn't feel I supported a young teen through her first labor as I should have.  Tired.  Pearls, hair in a bun, & make up still looked perfect through labor & birth... amazing.  My Mom's cancer scare is behind us.  It's not good to accidentally put your phone on sleep mode when on call.  Stop reaching for the bulb syringe out of habit... most newborns do not need to be suctioned right away at birth, wiping is sufficient and prevents causing a possible drop in heart rate, damage to mucosa and lower apgar scores.  Cafeteria food is not good.  I think I'm really going to love this. 

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