Sunday, December 10, 2017

Week 5

 2 babies in 5 weeks... slow on the take off, but amazing none the less! 38 more to go.  During my hour and a half drive home this morning, I was thinking this leg of my journey seems so surreal.  During each visit with women, the knowledge in my head is like swiss cheese with 'holes' of data missing.  I love filling the gaps.  I really do love learning... listening to the midwives I'm with, looking up evidence to support a practice or treatment, and learning from the women I meet.  Here's a synopsis of the last few weeks (my intentions were to keep up weekly = fail).

To receive the encouragement from my husband & boys to go and catch a baby is both humbling and empowering; metal speculums ARE better than plastic; menopause sucks (it was news to me that, generally speaking, women in their 60's are either not having sex any more or not very often - reality check); I found every cervix this last week - they can be a bit elusive sometimes; a small snip to the hymenal ring during 2nd stage can make a big difference (this is NOT an episiotomy, which should rarely be done by BTW); I've never seen so many shades of purple & blue inside a vagina after birth - it looks like a war took place in there!; LOVED spending a day with the Amish...they may have some interesting rules, but they exude peace, have a simpler way of living to be respected, and know how to tolerate labor & birth with little complaint; on the day I caught my first baby, on my drive home there was the biggest letter V front & center in the sky made by the paths of jet planes... Vivian knew how big of a moment this first 'catch' was for me; packing a lunch is wise; the warmth of a newborn baby in my hands feels like... love magnified.  I am blessed.


indigo valley farm said...

Read several of your recent posts. Good writing and very touching. I'm getting reconnected and checked my old blogs and browsing others with the "next blog" button. Last night I recommended The Business of Being Born in a random birthing conversation after dinner at a friend's. Saw the cover on your blog so I had to stop to read. My ex-partner and I had a homebirth with midwife and doula attending 9 years ago. Stay strong, keep up the good work and I wish you all the best on your journey. jake (SW Wisconsin)

Tiffani Hughson said...

Thank you so much for your words!!!