Monday, November 13, 2017

Awkwardly Comfortable

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Clinical Week 1: Awkwardly comfortable is what came to mind at the end of my second day in clinic as a student nurse midwife.  I've never felt this comfortable in a new role... ever.  With as much as I still need to learn, it felt so right.  A little synopsis of my two days...

Each pregnant belly is amazing in shape and with the little earned nuisances of scars, varying shades of the linea nigra, and tone.  To witness the eyes of 1st time parents light up instantly at the sound of their less than 10wk old baby's heartbeat is magical.  I want to learn to speak spanish well.  Thankful that the wet sticky substance found under a waistband while checking a fundal height was just left over sono gel (phew!).  I can't wait to master the Art of Leopold's Maneuvers.  Surrogacy is an indescribable gift to give another.  Is there such a thing as stylish comfortable shoes?  How amazing it was to witness a defensive, easily triggered Mom-to-be transition into someone who was relaxed and smiling by the end of her visit... she had been carrying fears and mistrust from a previous traumatic birth into this new pregnancy (I hope & pray I get to see a positive birth story unfold for her).  Seeing & feeling a baby move within a belly is just plain... spiritual.  So grateful to be on this journey!

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